Guide Casablanca - Top 5 Must go places

Casablanca, aka just “Casa” is where Bahaar was born and where we produce every single piece of our collections. We love the city for its diversity and its marriage between western world, with the French colonial heritage, modern towers and eastern worlds, with vivid Arabic traditions. This fusion is very characteristic of our work for Bahaar and Casablanca is really a source of inspiration for us!


What to do in Casablanca?


In Casablanca you can find a traditional Arabic Medina, alongside modern malls with western brands, Art Deco buildings, French colonial buildings, Fancy places to dine out and one of the largest mosque in the work which is a masterpiece in terms of Moroccan craftsmanship!

Here are our top 5 Must go places in Casablanca: 


The Habbous area was built in 30s by the French and offers interesting monuments to see with a mix between French influence and Moroccan riads, bakeries, hammams… Habbous is also the must-go place for shopping handicraft souvenirs in Casablanca. You can also admire King’s palace exteriors and enjoy the peaceful Park Isesco for a break from the hectic city.





La Corniche is the famous beach front on Casablanca, it offers a wide display of fancy restaurants, pools, and beach clubs. Among our favorites ones: Tahiti Beach Club restaurants for an oceanfront lunch, Beach Mama for a sunset drink (or two), and Cabestan for dinner.

You can also just have a nice walk or a running session on the beach at any time of the day!





Casablanca shores are famous among surfers communities, and Ain Diab Beach offers several surfing schools for beginners and more advances surfers. Why not to try it!?





After a walk visit in the old medina labyrinths, you can stop by at La Sqala to immerse yourself in the Moroccan gastronomy which is recognized worldwide as one of the finest cuisine. We pretty don’t know any visitor who came in Casablanca without trying the typical Moroccan brunch at La Sqala restaurant! Its composed by Fried Eggs with “khlii” (traditional preserved meat), Olives, Moroccan pancakes (Rghaif, Beghrir, Harcha), amlou (almond butter with argan oil and honey), Fresh orange juice and hot Moroccan tea of course (and other delicious treats!).





The Hassan II Mosque is incredibly beautiful with its huge proportions standing at the edge of the ocean. Tours are organized everyday for visitors between prayers. The mosque showcases the unique know how of Moroccan artisans with the multi-colored tiles called “zelliges”, the cedar ceilings covered with gold leaves, the hand-carved stone and marble flooring.

After the tour, you can enjoy a relaxing spa experience at the underground mosque hammam with its beautiful flowers-shaped  fountains, zellige column…faithful to the Moorish traditions.


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