Our values and our manufacturing process

Created on the heels of a summer getaway, BAHAAR is a boho-chic, ready-to-wear brand that highlights the uniqueness of Morocco in its mesmerizing pieces.

BAHAAR is distinguished by its bohemian style, both contemporary and authentic, offering its community a nomadic identity.  

BAHAAR is for all the women who are fashion and travel enthusiasts, and who enjoy their independence. Like the brand, its community is open-minded, solar and authentic.

Combining a passion for fashion with an awareness of the heavy impacts of the fashion industry, BAHAAR was born with a desire to commit to a more sustainable fashion through three main pillars:


BAHAAR's products are carefully crafted by workshops in Morocco. Concerned with details, they put their know-how in each creation in order to realize unique pieces. At BAHAAR, we also want to play a social role by having a positive impact on our ecosystem. The Moroccan artisans face many challenges and we aim to strengthen their skills and apply fair purchasing practices.


The fashion industry is one of the most polluting in the world and has an altered image in terms of impact on the ecosystem: poor working conditions, lack of transparency on sourcing...

True to its values, BAHAAR has taken up the challenge of producing in small series and with local labor in order to put into action a socio-responsible and environmentally friendly approach.  

Our collections are designed in limited editions in workshops that we visit regularly. We know each supplier personally and we make sure that the working conditions are dignified.

Moreover, for our raw materials we opt for the majority of the end of rolls from the local textile industry in an approach of up-cycling.


We regret that the French and global fashion industry still often lacks diversity both in terms of cultural references and representation in fashion campaigns. 

As women of Arab and African background, we want to share our vision of strong, plural women from our region and beyond.

For all these reasons, by offering a BAHAAR piece, you are opting for a product that is almost unique you are participating in the development of a more sustainable and committed fashion.

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