Marrakech: source of inspiration for the fashion world

Marrakech has always attracted local and international artists and designers. Mixture of Arab, Berber and Sub-Saharan culture, this modern city has kept its medina atmosphere



The thousand-year-old medina of Marrakech


What makes its strength more than ever is its mix of colors. From the red of its walls, through the green of the roofs of its riads, to its mythical Majorelle blue, Marrakech is adorned with its most beautiful assets! But it is also the sounds that propagate there, a combination of traditional songs and uninhibited contemporary music. It is also its unique lights that illuminate the city, from Jamaa el-Fna Square to the perimeter of its ramparts. It is the scents of spices and flavors that can be found on the stalls of its small streets that contribute to its character.  



A craftsman from Marrakech and its colorful storefront


In short, it is all these things that make the effervescence of the ocher city dream of fashion houses around the world. From small local designers to new African fashion brands, to big Parisian fashion houses; many scramble to capture some of the multicultural and bohemian spirit that resonates in this city. A Bohemian spirit at the crossroads of times and cultures in which Bahaar fully recognizes itself and which animates its founders.

Berber Museum of Marrakech


Dior cruise 2020 collection in Marrakech


Marrakech, nerve center of international fashion, theater of the history of Yves Saint Laurent and his fascination with Berber outfits, Moroccan fabrics and leathers; as evidenced by the Museum in its name which has just opened its doors. Saint-Laurent, which in its wake attracted a new generation of artists. All fascinated by the culture and craftsmanship in full swing in Marrakech, while breaking the codes of fashion and revisiting the traditions of the medina.


Contemporary heir to this fascination, we can cite, for example, the extravagant Amine Bendriouich, winner of the Openmymed prize of the renowned Maison Mode Méditerranée for her pop work which diverts the big names from consumerism to put them forward in "sauce" Moroccan.



Artsi Ifrach said Art / C is also known for its bewitching collections which revisit traditional Moroccan outfits and provide a reflection on the notions of virility and the place of color in Moroccan society.



We can also note other famous Moroccans and Moroccans in the fashion industry, all inspired by the city and its chic and colorful bohemian influence. For example Bouchra Jarrar from Fez, former artistic director of Lanvin, after another famous Moroccan: Alber Elbaz, also from Casablanca. Or Evelyne Chetrite, born in Rabat, founder of Sandro, but also her older sister Julie Milgrom, founder of Maje. Aldo Bensadoun, born in Morocco, founder of the shoe empire of the same name. All these eminent figures of international fashion have undoubtedly been inspired in their collections by the atmosphere that emanates from this city but also by its unique craftsmanship!


Bahaar is no exception to the rule, and it is with blouses and embroidered dresses influenced by the Berber spirit that the bohemian chic brand immortalizes its interpretation of what the city stands for. And this always depends on the quality of the materials and the embroidery used! In short Marrakech is a creative and aesthetic melting pot that works for sure and continues to inspire us every day!

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