The summer of 2022 in Bahaar will be stylish and eco-responsible! Fall for our linen collection

Summer is finally there and it is obviously our favorite season, because the sun is back, temperatures climb and we plan a great vacation. With family or friends, very close to home or outright, it is, in any case, a season full of promises of happiness!

For this season, the Bahaar team wanted to imagine the ideal summer locker room with:

  • Pretty bohemian looks to stroll through town, many of which are essential in linen;
  • Beachwear pieces to wear above the jersey for maximum comfort and elegance;
  • Dresses dressed for small and special occasions of summer: wedding of your best friend, baptism, Garden Party ... All occasions are good for shining in our signature dresses!

If the desire to dress in style is there, More and more of us realize that this should not be done at the expense of nature, that's why we have opted this season for a material we love: linen!

More than 50% of our collection is made of linen, Oeko-Tex certified .. Why do we favor flax in our creations? PWhat is flax an eco-responsible material? 

It's a natural fiber

First of all, it is one of the oldest natural fibers in the world!

France is the first flax producer in the world

This culture grows mainly in France in the North, France being the leading producer of flax in the world.

The environmental impact of linen culture is reduced: little irrigation, pesticides and fertilizers

Its environmental impact is very attractive compared to that of cotton for example because it requires very little irrigation: rainwater is sufficient for liniculure; In addition, it is a very resistant culture: the vegetable flax fiber does not need fertilizer or pesticides, it can naturally soil resources.

Linen fights against the greenhouse effect

Each year in France, the cultivation of linen can absorb around 250,000 tonnes of CO₂.

Linen is a zero waste plant 

All parts of the plant are used and valued: seeds, oil, fibers ...

Linen clothes are hardables

Its technical properties are impressive and participate in the sustainability of the product:

Solid, light and flexible at the same time, linen fiber has a very long lifespan.

Linen clothes are perfectly suited to summer

It is perfectly suited to summer heat, and keeps hot in winter since it is thermoregulator ;

It also has other interesting properties for our health and hygiene:

She is hypoallergenicandantibacterial

How to maintain your garment a linen?

Some good practices to take care of your linen room:

  • Wash at 30-40 ° maximum;
  • Avoid spinning and prefer drying in the open air (which is also better for the planet);
  • Return the laundry when it is wet, on the backwards.

Convinced of the benefits of flax? Discover our Linen must-haves:



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