When Bahaar revisits the Caftan: a "statement piece" for fashionistas

Bahaar is inspired by the vast culture of Morocco. Crafts, sewing, and architecture are the pillars on which the brand is based to create its pieces.

If caftans Ines, Maya Where Yasmine Were our bestsellers, it is thanks to the beauty and authenticity of the Moroccan caftan from where we drew our inspiration. Thus, Bahaar revisits this institution that is the caftan, which inspired the great creators and designers from around the world to make them contemporary, comfortable and versatile pieces. This approach also makes it possible to preserve unique ancestral local know-how.

We invite you to (re) discover with us a brief history of the Moroccan caftan and its particularity in each region of Morocco.

  • The history of the caftan  

After having appeared in ancient Persia, the caftan was introduced in Morocco at the end of the 11th century thanks to the heritage of the Andalusian installed in the Maghreb.

Known to be a symbol of wealth, the caftan was once worn by men, to finally become a ceremonial outfit which symbolizes the elegance of the Moroccan woman.

Cut into beautiful materials, the major regions of Morocco have been able to appropriate it in different ways;

Tetouan caftan


Andalusian tradition, close to the mountains, women make the caftan in a thick and hot velvet. It has the distinction of having buttonholes on both sides, which allows you to highlight the top vest.

The Caftan de Fes

Ancient and aristocratic city, Fassi caftans are cut in brocade, natural or broché silk or even velvet. Gold or silver thread embroidery adorned the neck, sleeves and shoulders.

The Caftan de Rabat

It appeared around the beginning of the 20th century. It is characterized by narrow sleeves and a cup near the body, it was quickly adopted by city cars because it is easily worn under the Jellaba.

Today, the caftan is regularly worn by Hollywood celebrities, on vacation or on a red carpet for boho looks that have their effect! As here, trend adopted by majestic Olsen sisters in their silk caftans:


And you, what is your favorite caftan model?

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Source : " The complete story of the Moroccan Caftan, from the Almohads to the present day "The Morish Times

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