Guide Essaouira - The city with the perfect land and sea agreement

Bahaar is the Vitrine of the Wonders of Morocco Including all the details of colors, architecture and crafts are meticulously selected in order to create unique pieces, like our culture.

This time, we would like to pay tribute to the sea, our source of inspiration in all our collections. This is why we take you to Essaouira, the city with the perfect land and sea agreement !

Called formerly Mogador By the Portuguese, Essaouira is located in southern Morocco. The latter is deemed calm and soothing. Only the song of the seagulls orchestrates this port city.

Essaouira is known for her Diversity of culture. Indeed, different populations have rubbed shoulders with harmony, and that for centuries!

Each year it seduces its visitors by his old architecture style well preserved as well as by its history.

Among the essential places to visit:

The Medina  

Visit Essaouira is to go off Ancestral customs from Morocco. To do this, nothing better than a ride in the medina! The latter is an emblematic place in Essaouira and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage in 2001.

As soon as you enter, you will be bewitched by The perfectionism of pottery crafts, scents of hand -ground spices and the beauty of oriental lanterns. What to live your five senses!


Inspiration for the medina


The beach  

Known by its Olympic waves, Essaouira welcomes surfers from all over the world each year. Its last ones are also seduced by the beaches located in municipalities near Essaouira, notably Sidi Kaouki, which offers a lifestyle designed for maritime sports enthusiasts.

Inspiration for the beach 


Art in Essaouira

Essaouira is known to have An artist's soul. Indeed, several international festivals of different styles are on the program each year. Among the most popular;

The Gnaoua festival

MOGA Festival

Jazz festival under the argan tree

In addition, Essaouira is reputed for her pictorial art. Indeed, several painters lived in this port city, such as Regraguia Benhila, Fatima Ettalbi, and Ali Maimoune.

Where to stay ? 

We have made a selection of atmosphere guest house Bohemian and rural, like Bahaar.

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The Douars Garden


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